Biodynamic Massage

Bishop’s Stortford, CM23

Biodynamic massage

Biodynamic massage is a therapy that connects the mind and the body and helps to digest stress. Originating from Body Psychotherapy it views emotional stress and chronic muscular tension to be closely linked. Treatment is used to rebalance the nervous system, release tension and pressure, and restore the natural flow of life energy. 

“On the deepest level, change always involves the body. A new attitude means new perceptions, new feelings and new muscular patterns. Psychological and physiological change go hand in hand. Since our deepest traumas are embedded in our guts and muscles, to free ourselves we must free our bodies. Yet we are more than just bodies. We are minds and spirits, feelings and imaginings. And though the body speaks, it must always be the whole person to whom we listen.”

– R. Kurtz and H. Prestera

Treatment addresses

Tension, stress

Fatigue, insomnia, headaches

Anxiety, depression

Psychosomatic symptoms

Treatment invites

Wellbeing, vitality, balance

Deepening of the breath

Awareness and connection to oneself


Mind, body and spirit in the Biodynamic view are closely connected. Our thoughts, words, actions, feelings, emotions are all manifestations of life force moving within us. When it moves freely we experience health, pleasure, joy, and peace. In biodynamic therapy we look at our relationship to the life force within us and ways to support it.