Meeting you where you are

What does it mean to meet someone where they are?

It means presence, deep listening without judgement and embodied connection. Biodynamic therapy does not try to “fix” or change the person, rather it trusts the process and the innate wisdom of the body. Change and healing happen spontaneously in the nourishing space where there is no agenda.

Your body tells your story

Emotional stress and chronic muscular tension is closely linked. The body stores nervous tension in the muscle and tissue walls and it accumulates whenever emotional release is inhibited. Biodynamic treatment is used to invite tissue opening and relaxation to support the natural ability of the body to digest and release residual physical and psychological tension.

Biodynamic massage
Biodynamic massage

Cycle of emotion

Emotions are movements of life energy in our body and mind. When an emotion or a need arises within us it goes through a cycle. First we feel charge in the body, we then move on to express it which releases the pressure which in turn invites relaxation followed by integrating the whole experience. Each time we do not complete the emotional cycle, a little bit of stress stays in the tissues of our body that can be experienced as anxiety, headaches or other psychosomatic symptoms. Over time the texture of our tissues change, for eg our muscles can become very tight. Biodynamic massage addresses pressure held in the tissues promoting its release which allows for more life energy, more pleasure and joy.

“The ability to surrender oneself wholly to an experience is one and indivisible, whether that experience be commitment to work, a reaction to a piece of music, a deep involvement in a close relation with another person, or any other fundamental life experience. Hypertension in any part of the body will detract from the experience.”

– David Boadella


During the massage a stethoscope is placed on your belly to listen to tummy rumblings (which in biodynamic therapy we call psychoperistalsis). Psychoperistalsis can assist in the therapeutic process and self-regulation by digesting the excess of stress and nervous tension in the body. The sounds guide the massage therapist towards the most attuned touch needed to encourage spontaneous movement within the emotional cycle.

Biodynamic massage
Biodynamic massage

Communication through touch

Every treatment is unique and is best suited for the needs of the person in that moment. Touch can be energising, calming, grounding, cleansing, reassuring etc. These qualities are communicated through the hands and the attunement of the therapist, meeting the need in the client and causing changes in the body that invite relaxation. As the tissues unwind, there is more space for the body and mind to find health and vitality. Biodynamic massage speaks to the whole person, offering an invitation to profound change.