Biodynamic Massage

Attuned psychotherapeutic touch that works with the whole person through their body

Who Biodynamic Massage can help

It is great in supporting people experiencing chronic stress, fatigue, anxiety, depression, headaches, muscle tightness, psychosomatic conditions. It can also be enjoyed by those seeking personal growth or simply wanting to relax and rejuvenate.

One of the main goals of Biodynamic massage is to facilitate the release of any emotional or psychological issues that may be stored in the body. By working through these issues, individuals can gain a greater understanding of their emotions and become more in tune with their bodies, leading to greater overall well-being.


Biodynamic massage promotes relaxation, vitality, inner balance and calm, reduces tension related to emotional stress, helps to reconnect with the body.

Regular Biodynamic massage sessions create stable therapeutic relationship and containment necessary for the deeper release to happen. Over time the body re-learns how to digest and release stress on its own restoring healthy self-regulation.

“On the deepest level, change always involves the body. A new attitude means new perceptions, new feelings and new muscular patterns. Psychological and physiological change go hand in hand. Since our deepest traumas are embedded in our guts and muscles, to free ourselves we must free our bodies. Yet we are more than just bodies. We are minds and spirits, feelings and imaginings. And though the body speaks, it must always be the whole person to whom we listen.”

– R. Kurtz and H. Prestera

What happens in a session?

Every session starts with a short chat which is an opportunity for you to take time to reflect and connect with how you are feeling and what you need. For example exhaustion might call for rest and replenishment, anxiety might signal the need for more grounding. Those qualities can be communicated through touch and different massage techniques.

During the massage we do not use oils and it is your choice whether to get undressed. It is more important to create a safe and trusting environment where you feel comfortable and can let go. You can cry, laugh, talk, stay silent, the focus is on letting the energy flow and release.

Tummy rumblings

Unique to Biodynamic massage is attention given to autonomic nervous system – breathing, heart rate, temperature and peristalsis (tummy rumblings). Gerda Boysen, the founder of Biodynamic Psychotherapy, discovered that our gut (second brain) can physically digest and release stress from the body. Therefore we use an electronic stethoscope to listen to the sounds of peristalsis that guide the massage session towards the most attuned touch needed. When the person and the tissues are met with the suitable touch and presence, the body and the mind relaxes.